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You can download our brochures on our various services and products.
Please contact the sales team of your local office if you would like further details.

Corporate Brochure
Bunker Quantity Survey Brochure
Fuel Quality Testing
Distillate Fuels
Marine Fuel Contamination - GCMS Analysis Services
Ignition and Combustion Quality Analysis
Line Sampler
Fuel System Check
Emergency Equipment
Power Plants
Air Courier Directory
Oil Condition Monitoring
ECO Insight Fuel Analytics Brochure


We have the following forms available for your convenience.
You can download and submit your request to the sales team of your local office or email us.

Address labels for Fujairah Lab
Address labels for Houston Lab
Address labels for Netherlands Lab
Address labels for Singapore Lab
Line sampler order form
Bunker Master
VPS BunkerMaster offers a suite of applications, information updates and tools to assist users in various aspects of marine fuel management.



Click here to download BunkerMaster software

Note: TRIAL USERS enjoy 30 days’ complimentary use and can contact the nearest VPS regional office for purchase enquiries. PAID SUBSCRIBERS will receive license keys separately to enable unlimited use of the BunkerMaster software.

Samplogic- Sample Collection Offline Request Form