Data Analytics

Through different types of analysis involving VPS’ world leading fuel database information, you will be able to track volatile fuel quality trends (both pre and post bunkering), allowing better control over your supply chain, onboard use and generally, your total fuel management needs.




Since the early 1980s, Veritas Petroleum Services has been systematically collecting all its test results. This has allowed us to build a unique data base to keep not only our customers, but also the bunker industry informed about critical fuel quality trends.

As a result, VPS is always at the forefront of fuel and distillate quality analysis and trending. We are heavily involved in both the industry drive to develop the commercial ISO 8217 standard, as well as the environmental requirements of MARPOL Annex VI, where VPS data is delivered to initiate discussions and help clarify industry testing needs.

With a test volume accumulated from more than two million fuel samples, VPS has an excellent platform for accurate fuel quality trending and developing different solutions for our customers and the entire bunker industry.



Our Solutions


We provide multiple solutions to assist bunker purchasers, charterers, ship operators, ship owners, suppliers, brokers and traders to deliver measurable improvements to their risk management, cost control, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements.

Eco Insight

In collaboration with VPS, DNV GL is offering the Fuel Analytics Solution on its ECO Insight portal which is a unique and effective fleet performance management solution. It not only provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your fleet performance, it also eliminates the need for a tailor-made software solution or to hire additional personnel for best-practice performance management.


ECO Insight has everything you need:


  • All major fleet performance topics, organised in a logical structure on a Web-based performance management portal
  • Industry best-practice dashboards for voyage, hull and propeller, engine and systems performance, e.g. operational modes, consumptions, speed profiles, weather conditions, trim adherence, EEOI development, emissions, SFOC, RPM, loads, pressures, running hours
  • Hull degradation based on detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results
  • Comprehensive means to compare, analyse and benchmark data by filtering, sorting and grouping according to your needs
  • Access to key industry and community data – such as AIS world fleet benchmarks, fuel or weather – to compare your own performance against others


Visit the DNV GL webpage HERE and get ECO Insight today to start saving fuel



Fuel statistics

VPS’ long standing industry benchmark that provides a quarterly statistical summary of the average results per supplier and per port, covering both a current and a reference period, in order to trend differences.


Based on VPS’ individual fuel quality test results, giving the deepest possible insight into the actual quality parameters of fuels delivered by specific suppliers in worldwide ports.


You can ask for a free trial HERE.

Customised reports

VPS, with its huge amount of testing data collected daily, is in a unique position to offer customised solutions for the individual needs of each customer and the industry. If you need help with obtaining insightful trends from data analytics or would like to discuss different issues and possibilities, please contact our service expert.