ROB (Remaining On Board) Survey



Most companies and vessels have routines in place to regularly test and try out emergency equipment. However, not much attention is being paid to the quality of fuel being used for emergency equipment like emergency generators, life boat engines and emergency fire pumps.
Grade DMX in the ISO 8217 specifications is intended for fuels used for emergency equipment. However, since this is not a mandatory requirement, marine gas oil (MGO Grade DMA) used for other purposes onboard is often used to fill up the emergency equipment storage tanks.
This can have dangerous consequences as the DMA grade fuels may not be “fit for purpose”. The quality of the fuel in the emergency equipment storage tanks may also deteriorate during storage. Hence, it is essential to test and ensure that the quality of the fuel being taken into the tanks is fit for purpose and monitored at regular intervals.


Additionally to fuel contamination that can be a potential hazard, following parameters can have great impact on the operation of Emergency Equipment.


  • Cold Flow Properties

  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME)

  • Visual Appearance

  • Cetane Index

  • Sulphur Content

Prevent Emergency Equipment from failing during emergency