VPS Data Services

As the global leader in marine fuel data & intelligence services, we support our customers in preventing downtime and other operational issues related to fuel quality. By combining our experience and expertise with new technologies, our analytics services ensure that our customers get the maximum value out of their procured fuels.

We achieve this by providing actionable intelligence that bunker purchasers, ship owners and asset managers use to improve their decision-making processes, as well as to improve cost control, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

PortStats Platform

PortStats is the name of the VPS data analytics platform, which allows us to create, manage and distribute interactive dashboards for and to our customers. There are already several fuel quality apps available within the platform. By subscribing to the PortStats platform, users gain the ability to utilize VPS’ global fuel quality data in real-time, meaning they can benchmark any fuel suppliers and ports on individual quality and quantity parameters.

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VLSFO Insights

VLSFO Insights is our subscription-based data report that provides subscribers with in-depth analyses about the properties and availability of VLSFOs (very low sulphur fuel oils). Released on a monthly basis, VLSFO Insights is aimed at improving transparency in the market when it comes to marine fuel quality. You can subscribe to VLSFO Insights.

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Custom Data Services

With VPS Data Services, we don’t just offer the best data, but we are also able to provide you with advice from our in-house technical experts. Whether it’s on fuel quality, separator performance or lube oil condition monitoring, we have the knowledge in-house to support you on specific problems.

Our customised data reports offer in-depth views into the technical side of marine fuels and lube oils, for any organisation that needs expert advice backed by data and facts.

Contact us now with a description of your requirement and we will contact you to discuss a matching solution within 48 hours.