ROB (Remaining On Board) Survey



Bunkers are typically the largest contributor to the operational cost of a ship, with the physical transfer of fuel taking place thousands of miles away from the contracting offices. As neither the buyer nor the seller is present to witness the bunker quantity transfer and sampling procedures onboard, any post- delivery investigation on quantity shortage or sampling dispute is usually futile and inconclusive. Physical shortage, protest, demurrage, legal fees, management time and loss of good will inconvenience and stress all parties involved and add to the overall costs.

Responding to these concerns, VPS pioneered an impartial and independent BQS service in 1987 and has completed more than 80,000 BQS worldwide.
VPS is the first company to implement a worldwide Code of Practice with regular on the job quality assurance audit to ensure the highest level of integrity and service performance.

Our Approach and Process


Our BQS service is available through its own in-house surveyors in major bunkering ports worldwide. As a complementary service to the VPS FQT Program, our surveyor also facilitates prompt dispatch of the fuel oil sample to the nearest VPS laboratory.

VPS BQS provides a comprehensive and credible documentation of delivered quantity and representative sampling, compliant with MARPOL Annex VI and Singapore SS:600 procedure.

The final VPS BQS report provides an objective conclusion based on documentation checks and an extensive database. The report is presented in a user friendly format with colour codes and relevant pictures of the completed survey.

Engaging a VPS Bunker Quantity Surveyor is one of the best ways to determine if your vessel has received the right amount of fuel