Fuel Quality Testing

Providing OCM advice and reporting information

It is important that the machinery, lubricant and OCM information is relevant to your particular situation and provided to you in a format that you can understand and use. It is even more important that you receive advice (or diagnosis) that helps your maintenance programmes and improve machinery performance.

Dedicated team of experts

We have a team of dedicated diagnosticians that are experienced in both industry and laboratory situations and are ICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication) and STLE (Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers) qualified to provide the best and most appropriate information for your requirements. Based in Manchester, Rotterdam and Singapore they provide expert advice on lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and insulating oils.

Our expertise is married to a sophisticated IT system. VPS uses Microsoft Dynamics AX with in house production tools to allow an efficient and secure sample process flow. We use algorithms and statistical data to assist verification of test results. Our built in ‘engine’ assist our diagnosticians in their assessment of test results so that advice on the quality and/or use of a lubricant can be given.

The reports are detailed but also easy to read. The most up to date sample is given a quickly identifiable and easy to read satisfactory, caution or action status.

In situations where you have many reports to review and distribute around your organisation you can access our customer portal available from our web page. This is an in-house system and is password protected so users can only view data related to their contract.


The data is also displayed graphically to allow easier assessment and trending for lubricant quality as well as the condition of the machine.  The diagnostician will use their engineering experience coupled with information from CIMAC and any equipment / oil product information available to provide advice about the situation.

The results can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. Reports can be sent by e-mail in a secure pdf format or sent as a string of data to upload into your own systems.