Entry Criteria

  1. All submissions must clearly show a practical benefit within the fuel quality testing, oil condition monitoring and transformer oil testing sectors
  2. All submissions will be judged in the following areas:
    • Sustainability
      How does the submission contribute to practical and genuine sustainability?
    • Creativity
      To what extent is the solution differentiated from traditional/previous approaches? What is the unique thinking that drives this approach?
    • Analytics
      Does the project have performance metrics and evaluation incorporated into its plan? Do we see how the model has the potential for future growth? Is the project functional over a long-term implementation period?
    • Financial
      What is the cost-benefit analysis of the project? Do projections show its economic viability?
    • Presentation
      How well has the proposal been presented? How well is the idea explained and illustrated?
  3. The judge's decisions will be final and the winner will be notified by October 14 th 2022.