Rotterdam, 23rd September – In May, VPS indentified 95 occasions where MGO bunker samples were below the 60 degrees cesius flash point requirement as mandated by the IInternational Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), according to Dr Malcolm Cooper, VPS Group Manageing Director. “This was investigated due to the serious health and safety risk posed to the ship’s crew and the non-compliance with the SOLAS Convention.

Dr Cooper noted governments introducing Co-vd_19 related lockdown measures earlier in 2020 to limit the spread of the virus – a decsion which adversely affected global aviation and land transportation industries. The development resulted in a significant surplus of road and aviation trsnport fuels on the market and also a decline of prices for the fuels. This provided commerical impetus for road and aviation fuels, both of which have lower flashpooints than MGO, to be blended into bunkers; thereby increasing the occurences of low flashpoint off-spec cases for MGO.

Further, the current low prices for road and aviation fuels in September could mean another increase of flashpoint off-spec cases for MGO when players start introducing products back into the bunker stream.


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