Rotterdam, 25th March – Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the wider community. The purpose of this communication is to provide some information on what we are doing as a service provider, employer and a business operating in multiple countries. Our intention is to give continuity to our services, to protect our staff, and to protect the wider community.

We have issued communications to all of our employees on precautionary measures to reduce exposure to the virus (driven by World Health Organisation guidelines) including how to take care of their own health and protect others. We have also indicated how to stay informed on the local situation and given the circumstances that exist in the differing jurisdictions that we operate, regular local communications are taking place as the situation develops.

We have introduced an extension to our Business Continuity Plans to ensure continuity of service to our customers taking into account the current extraordinary circumstances. For our employees whose roles require them to come into work (e.g. in labs, on board vessels, etc.) we have segregated into teams at each location working different shift patterns using the Singapore model. The aim is both to reduce potential communal spread of the virus and ensure continuity of service by other teams. For staff working in the office, we are implementing all measures as stipulated by national governments and the World Health Organisation.  As part of our efforts to reduce exposure to the virus, wherever possible our employees are working from home. We have also put in restrictions on international travel by our people.

For more information the usual VPS points of contact are available to answer any specific customer questions.


Malcolm Cooper