Rotterdam, 17th August, 2020 –

Veritas Petroleum Services Group announce the launch of PortStats, a new data analytics platform.

PortStats is an interactive dashboarding service where users can access near real-time fuel quality statistics in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. In the primary application, users can benchmark and compare fuel quality data from any fuel supplier, from any bunkering port where VPS has performed fuel quality testing (currently over 2600 ports). As market leader of the global marine fuel testing market, VPS offers access to the most reliable and complete dataset available through the PortStats platform.

PortStats enables users to focus on the fuels that provide the best value for money, by optimising on energy and quality. PortStats offers its users insights into the commercial value (energy, water, density diff.) of marine fuels offered in the market. By knowing the calorific value of certain fuels in specific regions or from specific suppliers, users will be able to optimise their decision-making, for example in the areas of bunker sourcing and procurement, trading, selling and distribution. PortStats provides its users with intel on the off-spec fuels that were bunkered and reported in a certain port. Being aware of these off-specs before procuring the fuel can mitigate some of the risk of consuming marine fuels that you would typically not know the quality of. Furthermore, by pro-actively anticipating potential quality issues, consumers of marine fuels can inform their fleet and crew accordingly and adapt their fuel treament processes.

The goal of the PortStats data analytics platform is to offer transparency to the maritime industry when it comes to global fuel quality. As part of a growing portfolio of data driven services, VPS will release several digital applications through this platform for other service lines, such as lube oil condition monitoring, transformer oil condition monitoring and separator performance monitoring. VPS also offers custom dashboards to its customers, which are designed and developed from the ground-up to the customer’s specific functional requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about the PortStats platform or would like to receive a product demo, please contact us at or your VPS Account Manager.