In order to ensure VPS continues to lead the way in providing its clients with the highest level of technical support and in doing so, assist in meeting and overcoming the challenges IMO2020 will produce, the company is proud to announce that six of its Global Technical Advisors are currently studying for qualifications from the MLA – Mastering Lubrication Technology.

MLA courses are well renowned within the industry and are especially relevant in light of the imminent reduction in the global sulphur cap through MARPOL Annex VI and its marine fuel legislation. IMO2020 will not only see a number of new fuels come to market, but equally important, their impact upon existing and new lubricating oils and the need to monitor and understand the effective, efficient performance of these oils in protecting the vessel’s engine.  Upon successful completion, our Technical Advisors will obtain an even greater understand of lubricant fundamentals, be up to speed with respect to latest best practices and be in a position to assist in developing lubrication strategies.  

As part of VPS commitment to continuous improvement, further training for higher MLA qualifications is planned for later this year.

VPS is committed to being the premier global provider for fuel and oil testing advisory and inspection services in our chosen markets.