WAT Testing

We developed this unique, proprietary test method, to aid trouble-free operation in terms of storage and transfer of “dark” fuels. By being able to accurately determine the Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT) and Wax Disappearance Temperature (WDT), our innovative expertise in developing this method, allows for the measurement of these key parameters within residual and low-sulphur blended fuels for the first time.

For dark fuels, measuring the cloud point, or WAT, is a key operational benefit, as knowing the temperature at which wax will precipitate from a fuel, will enable the correct storage and transfer temperatures to be set. This will avoid filter and pipework blockages, purifier blockage and fuel injector issues.

In addition, the test also determines, the WDT. This is the temperature at which wax will once again become molten and return to the fuel solution, following precipitation, with this temperature at a higher level than the WAT.