Sampling Kits

Our sampling kit provides high quality bottles / caps / seals as well as detailed instructions for sampling. Information regarding sulphur legislation and analysis results are also included. Our kits also include shipment materials that adhere to all IATA regulations to ensure a smooth shipment process.

Our kits contain everything needed for the collection, retention, storage and transportation of fuel oil, required for both regulatory and commercial purposes.

  • 40 Sampling Bottles complete with caps

  • 12 IATA Approved Shipping Cartons

  • 1 FSC Shipping Carton

  • 40 Security Seals

  • 12 Ziplock Bags

  • 4 Sampling Bottles (60ml) for Compatibility Check

  • 1 set of Chief Engineer’s stamps

  • Air Courier Directory

  • 1 Fuel Quality Testing Program information pack containing

  • Instruction Manual

  • Chief Engineer’s Report Form

  • Request to Witness Sampling Form

  • Proforma Invoice

  • Labels for Sample Bottles

  • VPS Laboratories Address Labels

  • FSC Record Form

  • Pre-printed Airway Bills