How VPS delivers trust:

Integrity – Acting with integrity is the responsibility of everyone in VPS and we hold an annual Integrity and Impartiality Day to ensure everyone understands this responsibility.

Independence – we operate independently and impartially to the highest standards of professional behaviour as defined in our Code of Conduct.

Reliability – we have deep know-how due to our focus, providing confidence in the test results, measurements, reports and advice that we generate.

Communication – we are open and easy to do business with as we have account managers located in offices across the world. Contact Us.

Availability – we are always available and have multiple lines of contact across different time zones and regions. Contact Us.

Transparency – when things go wrong, we acknowledge our mistakes, learn our lessons and put in place corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.

External Audit – we open ourselves to external scrutiny as part of the certification process of our management systems.


We are dedicated to ensuring we provide the highest standards in our test methods, surveys and business practices. We are proud to hold a range of accreditations as below.

  • VPS has a certified Occupational Health and Safety management system to ISO45001.

  • VPS has a certified Quality Management System to ISO9001.

  • VPS has a certified Environmental Management System to ISO14001.

  • VPS laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited - Rotterdam (RvA, L096), Singapore (SAC-SINGLAS, LA-2014-0573-A), Houston (A2LA, 2744.01) and Fujairah (DAC, LB-336-TEST).

  • VPS Singapore Operations Department is ISO 17020 (SAC SINGLAS, IB-2014-105-C) accredited.