Value-Added ISO8217 Services

Value-Added ISO8217 Services


Bunker Alerts
VPS continuously monitors global fuel quality and fuel oil trends in various ports around the world. It is therefore possible for VPS to issue VPS Bunker Alerts on potentially problematic fuels in certain areas. The Bunker Alerts do not necessarily reflect the overall fuel quality supplied in the subject port but are intended to increase awareness, especially of our customers who have bunkered (or intend to do so) in the subject port.
Bunker Master

BunkerMaster is an information and calculation platform for VPS’ customers. It contains useful fuel-related information, electronic forms, viscosity calculations and change-over procedures/calculations.

Key features include:

Fuel Quantity Determination and Conversion
By entering Density, Volume and Temperature values, you can work out the Quantity of fuel delivered to your ship, or convert volume measurements into equivalent metric tonnes.

Fuel Change-over Calculation
This function helps you plan the switch-over from normal sulphur HFO to low sulphur fuel (and vice versa) when entering and exiting Emission Control Areas. Proper fuel change-over ensures that you comply with the applicable regulations, optimize the consumption of the more costly low sulphur fuel, and execute the fuel change-over safely.

Energy Content Calculation and Conversion
By entering values for Density, Water Content and Sulphur, BunkerMaster evaluates the Energy Content of your fuel purchases in various units of measurement. You may also convert energy content expressed in  one unit of measurement into another.

Fuel Blending Calculation
An accurate blend ratio can minimise compatibility and stability issues. With the Fuel Blending Calculator, users derive the recommended proportions of fuels to be blended by entering the values of critical quality parameters, including Viscosity, Density, Sulphur, Ash, Vanadium, Alumium + Silicon and Sodium.

Veritas Petroleum Services Fuel Quality Testing (FQT) Support
FQT members may use the Sample Details form to electronically transmit bunkering information to our offices. This expedites the transportation of fuel samples from the ship to VPS labs for testing. To update the information of ships enrolled our testing programme, please use the Ship Information form.

Please note: The latest BunkerMaster version 3.2 is updated in accordance with ISO 8217:2010.

Case Histories
VPS has an extensive library of case histories, illustrating a variety of fuel-related engine problems and how these can be solved or avoided with our fuel management services.

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