VPS Transoil Testing Services

Testing Services

VPS Transoil conduct analysis of water content, acidity, electric strength and contaminants in insulating oil and monitor the condition of the transformer through Dissolved Gas Analysis and Furans Analysis. By detecting faults early, VPS Transoil can help reduce unplanned power outages and improve plant reliability.

VPS Transoil’s highly qualified, experienced chemists and diagnosticians in our state-of-the-art, laboratory provide expert analysis, interpretation and advice, regarding oil condition and transformer health. Our database and internet service allows clients to view results from diagnostic and routine transformer oil analysis online. With our customer transformer database we are able to offer clients a comprehensive Condition Monitoring Service for each transformer.

Transformer Oil Samples are easily shipped to VPS Transoil on a global basis via our SampLogic service.

VPS Transoil can provide the necessary sample kits and sampling accessories to ensure representative samples can be taken, then safely and securely transported.

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Transformer oil sampling kit