Fuel Quality Testing

Why the condition of oil is important


The key to the health of the ship and its machinery lies to the effective predictive maintenance programmes that are in place, which ultimately will help increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership. As part of such routine programmes the monitoring of the vessels lubricants will assist Operators and Maintenance workers in making timely decisions relating to the servicing of equipment, maximising the lifespan of engine parts & machinery.

An effective Oil Condition Monitoring Programme can:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase component lifespan
  • Extend operational availability
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Improve safety

Our OCM testing process


  • Comprehensive VPS Oil Condition Monotoring sample kit with easy to follow instructions for the harvesting and distribution of lubricant samples to our laboratories.
  • Rapid transfer of the samples to one of two dedicated OCM laboratories for analysis.
  • Following CIMAC guidelines and international test methods, our suite of OCM analysis methods offer vital trend information from engine oils, hydraulic oils, stern tubes and cylinder oils.