What We Do

We are a world-leading, service provider with a proven, trusted reputation as innovators working to the highest accredited standards. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and as the world changes, we work to ensure your business remains on the right side of change.    

Our value-added testing and advisory services actively support and protect our customers, people, their assets and the environment. We take a proactive approach to improving business operations by supporting damage prevention, preventative maintenance and continuous improvement programmes.


Based upon our 40 years of experience in testing oil of all types, we provide innovative, advisory services to the Marine, Power, Renewables and Industrial markets, in order to support our clients’ goals of achieving sustainable operations, asset protection, environmental and legislative compliance.


For forty years, we have been at the forefront in providing testing and advisory services to support our clients’ goals of achieving sustainable operations, asset protection, preventative maintenance, plus environmental and legislative compliance.        

Our value-added services include:


We take great pride in fully understanding our customers needs, as well as listening to their problems. Such attention enables us to draw on our experience and expertise, to produce innovative solutions to overcome such customer issues.

Over the years, our innovation has taken many forms, from new analytical test method development, to bespoke laboratory technology, business model innovation and data analytics packages.        

The goal of such innovation projects, is achieve operational and commercial improvements in both our clients and our own business, as well as ensuring compliance and improvements with environmental legislation and sustainability drivers.


With the largest and most complete database of marine fuel quality results available in the market today, we provide our customers with a digital portfolio of standard and customised data & analytics services. ​​Whether it is anticipating fuel quality trends before bunkering in a certain port or knowing which fuel suppliers deliver the highest quality fuel, we have a solution for you. ​ 

Emissions Reduction

To support our customers in their transition towards a sustainable future, we provide a range of digital services needed to reduce emissions from operations.

The Maress software provides the insights and transparency your company needs to make the right decisions on the path towards a low carbon footprint. All while allowing you to use your existing data and without any additional hardware. Designed for decision makers - with the technical depth relevant for operational staff, but with the strategic perspective crucial for director level. We call it Data Driven Decarbonisation.