About Us

VPS Data Services strives to be the global market leader in providing marine fuel data- & intelligence services. As part of VPS, our vision is to prevent our customers from suffering from operational issues, unplanned downtime and other issues related to marine fuel quality. We ensure that our customers get the maximum value out of their procured fuels. We do this by providing actionable intelligence that bunker purchasers, charterers, ship owners & operators, fuel suppliers and technical managers use to improve their decision-making processes, as well as to improve cost control, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Our Solutions

Data Extraction & Analysis Services

VPS’ long standing industry benchmark that provides a quarterly statistical summary of the average results per supplier and per port, covering both a current and a reference period, in order to trend differences.

Customised Data Reports

VPS has the largest and most complete database of marine fuel oil and distillate samples in the world.  This puts VPS Data Services in a unique position to offer customised solutions for the individual needs of each customer within the maritime industry. We also offer our customised data reports to governmental organisations, institutions and legislative bodies.

VLSFO Insights

VLSFO Insights is a subscription-based data report that provides subscribers with in-depth analyses about the properties and availability of VLSFOs (very low sulphur fuel oils). Released on a monthly basis, VLSFO Insights is aimed at improving transparency in the market in anticipation of the IMO2020 global sulphur cap. You can subscribe to VLSFO Insights.


PortStats is an interactive dashboard in which subscribers gain access to VPS’ fuel quality data, per supplier, per port, in real-time. Users are able to compare fuel suppliers, ports on individual parameters and KPIs. Furthermore, they can benchmark their own vessels/fleet on fuel performance against the global shipping market, based on anonymized test results from VPS’ proprietary database.
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